My journey with art and design has been long and intense at times. There have been a lot of struggles along the way. I have struggled with the idea of perfection in my work for a long time. This has caused for a lot of growth in myself and in my work. As I have learned more skills and produced more pieces I have become so much more confident in what I produce.

I work with multiple different mediums but the one I am most proficient in, I would say, is photography. I have loved it for a long time and my dad was the person that taught me a lot of what I know now. When I’m taking photographs I cannot help but appreciate the beauty of the world around me. For the longest time, whenever I would work in a medium, whether it be pencil, marker, or otherwise, I would always finish a piece and immediately find all the flaws in my work. It was a really bad habit because I would then find all the things I hated about the piece and would feel like it was inadequate. When I started taking photographs, this did not happen as much. I felt confident in what I had produced and would get real joy out of the pieces I was creating. I have grown a lot since then am getting better at being less critical of my own work. Aside from photography, I also work with digital art, ceramics, and anything else I’m feeling inspired by. Going into college I knew that I would need a wider variety of skills than just photography and I had really enjoyed my digital media classes in high school so I thought I would give it a shot. I have come to really enjoy typography because I like to play around with space and type. Some themes I have noticed in my work is I focus more on landscape photography than people. I like finding things about the world around me that I want to share with others and give them a chance to apply their own meaning to it. When I do start a series of photographs I do not always have an idea right off the bat so I often need to take a walk or clear my head. Sometimes I just start taking pictures of things and eventually something sticks. With my design work, I have realized I do a lot of strong work with typography. I have noticed in terms of color I work with a lot of black, white, and red when designing things or I stick to a really simple color palette. This is because, for me, these colors give off a really clean appearance and go well together.

I produce work for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it is because it just makes me happy, sometimes it is something that I have been assigned. A lot of times the design changes over the course of the process of making it. When I first started designing things I had a hard time getting past my first idea of something. I would try my hardest to make that first idea work. This would often end in disappointment because it would never live up to the image I had in my head. I have started to work more on being okay with the process and not always getting stuck with my first idea. In terms of my photography, I think people can tell my love for it when they look at the images I have taken. Even more so from how I speak about them. I love sharing what I love with others and people can definitely tell when I’m feeling more confident in a piece. When I am really confident in a design I get really excited to talk about it and people can most likely tell when I am gravitating more towards a piece.

I am working on the idea of perfection in my work. Being comfortable with something not being perfect has started to become more and more important to me. As long as I like what I have made I am starting to be less critical of what I have made. I know that it is important for a design to be clean and have a strong appearance, but it is almost impossible to perfect my own work in my eyes so I have to grow in that area. I want people to look at my work and not necessarily think about how perfect it is, but instead how they feel when they look at it. I want different people to have different takeaways from the things I have made because no one’s work should just have one meaning. It is
okay if one of my pieces does not speak to one person, it will speak to another.

I am so lucky to be able to express myself through my art and designs and I appreciate being able to share my work with others. I know that everyone has different goals in life but I am happy that I did not let myself stop being creative when I was younger. I believe everyone is creative in some way, whether it be through art or science, engineering or even in the medical field. It is important to me that children grow up in a world where they realize how crucial creativity is and to not be deterred by not being “good” at art. It is important to me that the next generations of children grow up and understand the importance of creativity. It is okay if when a child is in kindergarten they make the sky green and the grass blue. It is okay if someone cannot draw lifelike people. When people start monopolizing work, it closes the door for someone to discover who they could really be. I am happy to be able to express myself in my work and I hope that when other people see it, they can feel inspired in some way as well.