So this cookbook came about as my final project in my graphic design career in college. We were meant to pick a project to work on over the course of a whole semester. I chose a cookbook because I have always loved sharing my joy of cooking with others. I also really like helping people. Also as a college student I know how stressful things like cooking can be so I wanted to lighten the load a little bit. This cookbook went through many many trials and errors. It would not have been completed without the help of some of my friends and family. I got it done in the end though.

From College to Capable

This concept came from the fact that my senior year I was living in an on-campus apartment that had a kitchen. Because of this, I was doing a lot more cooking than I had done previously. I learned a few things about how to navigate the space and I also realized that leaving college can be stressful and one thing that can be particularly stressful is learning to cook while you’re at it. This contains a variety of relatively simple recipes that people can start to make as they become more comfortable in their lives past college.